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The Old And The New Set To Clash In The NA And EU Challenger Series

The challenges of the Challenger Series continue to stack as more talented players hope to fight their way into the European and North American League Championship Series. Veterans have returned looking to regain their foothold in the competitive scene and new talent has emerged looking to build a name for their team. It will be some time before we see which team can go the distance and who is just a flash in the pan. The Challenger Series Summer Split #1 is about to begin.

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How The West Was ‘Wonned’: An NA LCS Roster Change Roundup

With the Summer Split beginning tomorrow, we thought it would be fitting to cover all the exciting action that happened in the All-Stars period involving team’s roster changing in NA. Drama was spurred, rumours were confirmed, and philosophical videos about benching were made, and as the dust settles the state of the NA LCS is quite unclear. Through this article we’ll go down the list of roster changes, and ultimately try and decide who came out on top in the end.  Read more …


Of Mash and Men

The fantastic Brandon “DontMashMe” Phan has been a nomad in League of Legends esports in search of the right team that can go the distance. From the Great White North down to South Bay, DontMashMe has carved out his place in the esports scene. Traveling from team to team he has never found a shortage of friends.

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Lone Star Clash 3: Return of the Texan Charm

The Texas eSports Association has recently announced the third iteration of the very popular Lone Star Clash, this time joining forces with them is WellPlayed, an eSports production group who has produced tournaments for groups like PAX, IGN and MLG as well. Lone Star Clash 3 will be running a Starcraft 2 and a League of Legends invitational, both with $15,000 prize pools. Read more …